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Blockchain & Crypto Integration

Users are allowed to leverage all their crypto-assets (QTC, BTC, ETH) to immediately obtain fiat cash and feel free to spend it through a contactless app and/or payment card.

  • QTC
  • crypto
  • blockchain

Lending & Microfinance

Within the lending period the user’s asset portfolio is used as collateral, dynamically and instantly managed, giving the opportunity of profit and/or long term growth of the portfolio.

  • lending
  • microfinance
  • loans


Up to 30% cashback with all the payment card subscriptions. The cashback is not limited to vouchers or discounts, but will be given as money on the customer’s bank account for their personal use, for whichever transaction they please.

  • cashback
  • discount

Deferred Payments

Deferred payment system is unique, as it can allow up to 30 days of deferred payment for certain payments. Not only will customers receive easy user experience on the app, while taking care of their banking services from the comfort of their couch, but they will receive extra incentives to consistently use QuantoPay® as their main banking platform.

  • deferred
  • incentive
  • payment


QuantoPay® will offer attractive fees for remittances and cross border payments, as well as fast transfers for foreign residents and remote workers communities.

  • remittance
  • remote
  • foreign

Insurance Services

QuantoPay® will offer travel and life insurance services, with benefits in terms of fast approval and instant disbursements to a customer’s account in case of emergency.

  • insurance
  • travel
  • disbursement

Asset Management

Easy management of the assets portfolio and the possibility to use the tokenized assets as security to access a line of credit.

  • assets
  • portfolio

Business Accounts

QuantoPay® will offer corporate accounts allowing for pre-paid cards for the employees and other benefits in terms of faster invoice debt collection.

  • corporate
  • invoice
  • cards

Robo Trading

Robo-advisors for your portfolio investments and wealth management.

  • wealth
  • advisor
  • investments
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